Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 37 : "Full On Trippin' Balls Weird."


---- CRATER -----
Life is a sweet melody / But the lyrics are a mess
Left sleepy on a long flight / and swam back when I got rest

Then washed up in a fountain / and once dry I got undressed
Now heading for a mountain / Which one is Everest?

Passion for the desert / or a snowy country mile
Floating down the river / the Seine becomes the Nile

Float by Old Macdonald's farm / the animals were away
They went aboard a wooden boat / It rained for 40 days

The stars came out / they're falling from the sky
The clouds are drifting by / It's time for me to fly

I'll soar across the universe / To planets near and far
I'll see some silent aliens / And play them my guitar

Headed from the launchpad / to meet the giant toad
But had to lay down tired / In the middle of the road

Hit by hovercraft / pressed into the ground
Maybe I will eat them all / and gain 300 thousand pounds

Nothing will be big as me / my body will expand
I'll fill the largest crater / and all of it was planned

My body will expand / I'll fill the largest crater / my body will expand



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