Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Man with the Silly Great Beard

This song was created for Game of Bands round 40 : "Great Beards"


I was sitting there minding my business
I was drinking my fav'rite iced tea
When I had a peculiar feeling
That someone was staring at me
I turned to look over my shoulder
What I saw was disturbing and weird
He was peaking out over his glasses
A man with a silly great beard
Our eyes only met for a second,
A moment I could not ignore
Of one thing it made me quite certain,
I knew that I'd seen him before
I tried to recall the occasion
But no recollection appeared
How was it I could have forgotten
A man with a silly great beard?
I figured he's not worth the trouble,
Bent forward to put down my drink
And that's when I heard the two gunshots
It happened as quick as a wink
The man in the next seat was wounded
His face and his hands scarlet-smeared
I instantly made the connection:
The man with the silly great beard
Some folks started rushing for exits
While others got down on the ground
It must have been several minutes
Before it began to calm down
Some of us bandaged the wounds up
All of us numb and afeard
And there in the corner I noticed
Had fallen that silly great beard
That night I revealed to my husband
The awful events I've described
He said I was really quite lucky
And then I heard sirens outside
A thundering sound in the doorway
At which he just turned and he sneered
They took him away to the jailhouse
The man with the silly great beard


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