Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 47 : "Anthem for an Everyday Profession"


I'm supposed to be patient,
but I'm not
Told to arrange things
I forgot
Came in 2 hours late
on the dot
I'm your cranky underpaid cashier

Supposed to be cheerful
but I ain't
Not good at math
quit 'leventh grade
My organization
isn't great
I'm your cranky underpaid cashier

Well you've only 1 item
and you're in a rush
the receipt printer's jammed up
it's a customer crush
Why only one lane is open
and twenty lanes closed
during the busiest time
hey nobody knows

I wish I liked people
would be so much better
Instead I feel evil
A bitter price checker
I'll call up the manager
cause I need a void
Tatooed item bagger
We're all overjoyed

Customer service facing
which I hate
Cupcake I was saving
My manager ate
Never promoted
Resigned to my fate
I'm your cranky underpaid cashier

I'm supposed to be merry
but I'm feeling ill
Guy buys a single strawberry
with a hundred dollar bill
I know you gotta hurry
and that you got plans
But I'm not letting go of this curry
until I see that it scans

I'm your cranky underpaid cashier
I'm your cranky underpaid cashier
I'm your cranky,


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