Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Lord of Fort Knox

This song was created for Game of Bands round 50 : "Made Up Religious Rock"


Don't have enough money?
We'll take you into the fold
Never cloudy; it's always sunny
You'll never be cold
A sanctuary of milk and honey
The cathedral of gold

Welcome to the...
Fort Knox First Monetist Church!
Won't go over any financial cliff
Even though you think that you're on the verge
You won't now, that we're the ones you are with!

All we ask is that you try to give back
We know you're ready to learn
We'll set you right back into the black
and make you steadily earn......

We'll show you currency is our God
The Treasurer, Pope
Our influence is felt all abroad
We help the Government cope

"Now will everyone please arise,
Our Holy Treasurer's here,
And with your fingers make the dollar sign
On your chest, so sincere".

You're a member of
Fort Knox First Monetist Church!
You'll begin to recieve
Once you learn to give first
We'll forgive your transgressions
And cure all your ills
For the path up to heaven
Is paved with new dollar bills

Show us the money
And we'll set you free
We run the country
From mountain to sea
We worship the dollar;
If you pray to the coin,
We'll call you Brother,
So get others to join!

But it's not about us
It's great for you too
All you have to do
Is learn to recruit

New brick for our steeple
More heavenly bliss
For every 5 people
You convince to enlist

You're a member of
Fort Knox First Monetist Church!
You'll have to dig deep
And give till it hurts
It's great for your soul
And your spiritual wealth
But our CFO's Rolls
Can't pay for itself

You're a member of
Fort Knox First Monetist Church!
An all-you-can-eat dinner
With endless dessert
You just have to believe it
to build up the stash
We know you'll achieve it
Just bring us the cash


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