Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Father of Light

This song was created for Game of Bands round 50 : "Made Up Religious Rock"


Verse 1

Something dark is arising
In its faraway halls
And the force that?s ammassing
Spells the end for us all

I?ve heeded the omens
I?ve followed the signs
Performed all the rituals
I?m marked with the bloodline

Verse 2

But so much is uncertain
In these darkening times
Sometimes I can?t help stumbling
With this burden of mine

So I reach out for guidance
When my strength alone fails
Let me rise to the challenge
Only show me the trail


Give me an answer, father of light
Help me to set this world right
Give me an answer, to you I pray
I?ll fight on come whatever may

Verse 3

I hear your voice like thunder
Ringing clear through the air
And I know that you?re listening
Only hear now my prayer

Lord you know I have fallen
But I?m ready to rise
Help me answer my calling
As I reach for the skies



Give me strength to stand steadfast
Let these eyes see a clear path
Grant me courage against hopeless odds
To fight until the last


Final Chorus

Give me your blessing, father of light
Help me find my inner might
Light up the darkness, show me the way
I?ll be your champion today


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