Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 51 : "Waking Up"


They called me Van Winkle
Back in Two Thousand Five
So ripped on hard drugs and pills
That I technically died

Somehow I was saved 'cause
My family was 'round
They put me in stasis
Till a cure could be found

Cocooned I sleep through my torment
In hard frozen steel
Ripped away from the present
Slipped away from what's real

My organs had failed me
But my family came through
Ripped away from what jailed me
Stripped away from what's true

The planet was burning
Another World War
The earth kept on turning
I laid stored and ignored

The bright light grew much lesser
The blur slowly cleared
An android professor
and his human intern appeared

"Multiple organ failure syndrome
sepsis, thrombosis and clotting congealed
blood type specificity, fluid toxicity,
brain damage - all of it healed."

Meant to be rescued
but body forsaken
Attachments unglued
Now I have awakened

I was brought to the college
'Cause no records survived
"You possess the last of past knowledge"
I'm a Historian in twelve thousand five

A second chance I've been given
but I miss Two Thousand Five
Ripped apart what I've lived in
Skipped a part of my life

Time has escaped me
My family's gone
Flipped days may reshape me
But Ripped I've become

I kept being promoted
I rose through the ranks
By popular vote I had
Presidential demands

Now I am the leader
A new chance I did take
Life couldn't be sweeter
I'm really awake

The people revere me
Connect them to the past
I thank them sincerely
I serve 'cause they asked

They listened to me when I decreed it
Saved them from earthquakes and floods
They didn't know 'bout my secret
Presidential suitcase of drugs

Then I was caught- fury unbridled
Was busted and shamed
Ripped of honors and titles
Whipped through scandal and blame

Stumbled back to the freeze bank
I had ordered they keep
Ripped, I climbed back in the tank
and I slipped away into sleep


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