Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Voices

This song was created for Game of Bands round 53 : "Mental Illness"


I make by living in accountanc-ee,
Set a good example for my famil-ee
Play some golf, try to hone my skills
I go to church and I pay my bills
But someone else lives in my head
Think I?m me? You could be misled
He?s coming now, he?s a vile disgrace
How I hate this sharing space

Has he gone away?
So what did he say?
No, no, let me guess
Says that I?m a mess
Cause I like to rap
Don?t believe his crap
Yes, he loves to diss
But I?ll tell you this,
What he says is fake
Just a slipp?ry snake

I?m an honest guy
Never tell a lie
Make my momma proud
Say my prayers out loud
Working hard each day
Earning honest pay
Always lend a hand
To a hard-up man
Keep away from sin
Now let?s get to him

He?s got a pretty wife
He lives a double life
Everywhere he goes
He?s calling up the hoes
Giving dirty looks
Fiddling the books
Siphons large amounts
To untraced accounts
Plans to disappear
Time is getting near

Well now I?m back, so how was he?
His words have no veracity
He sleeps all day, gets a welfare check
Tells his girl he?ll wring her neck
She?s always bruised, it breaks my heart
He and I are world?s apart
He?ll stab your back; he?ll twist the knife
Even once slept with my wife

Now it?s me once more
Feeling pretty sore
Forced to share a life
Filled with stress and strife
With a man I hate
I just curse my fate
Such a worthless creep
Even in my sleep,
Can?t escape his schemes
Alternating dreams

Everywhere I go
People I don?t know
Look with hateful eyes
I can just surmise
Never can get on
Hope is going, gone
Making me so blue
What?s a man to do?
Devastates my pride
Jekyll to his Hyde

Now I?ve had enough
Gonna call his bluff
Cooking up a plan
To take it to the man
In another day
There?s a price to pay
Just one way to win
Gonna do him in
Razor to the wrist
Quiet, hear he is

I think I?ve got a plan at last
To put that bastard in the past
Snuff him out and make me whole
I?ll Integrate my inner soul
I?ll get a psychoanalyst
Someday soon he won?t exist
Let him slowly fade and die
So good riddance and good bye


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