Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 54 : "Comeback From The Grave"


I'm a gravedigger
Working for the city
And maybe I'm bitter
But I don't need your pity

I bury the paupers
Who died lonely and broken
Not much of a talker
There's no service spoken

So there isn't a prayer
Ain't we all flawed
Guess I really don't care
'Cause it's only a job...

Now I'm back from the grave
Where nobody was saved;
I slowly lowered the box in
And threw the dirt and some rocks in
They weren't ever loved
I looked down from above
And wiped off my tools
Yes life is so cruel.

I hit the same place to eat
Every single day after work
The counter girl I wish I could meet
Just blows me off with a smirk

So I sit alone in a corner
Quietly chew on my food
In walks a mom and her daughter
She's precocious and cute

Never had my own brood
Lost the one love I met
As we play peekaboo
I'm filled with regret

So I came back from the grave
Where no homage was paid;
I slowly lowered the box in
And threw the dirt and some rocks in
It was never those loved
Sent to me to dispose of
I wiped off my shovel
Headed back to my hovel

Tired morning from working
Many coffees and curses
My poor back is so hurting
Unloading all the morgue hearses

All these stupid boxes
'Cause bodies weigh a ton
So dull and obnoxious
When will this day be done

Among containers reviled
Leans one just three feet high...
Coffin for a child
And I break down and cry...

And I come back from the grave
Shaken and dismayed;
I slowly lowered the box in
Somebody's baby's coffin
Did anybody ever care?
They died a life so unfair
So I prayed through the hurt...
And buried tears with the dirt.


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