Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Winter Morning

This song was created for Game of Bands round 60 : "Recycle city"


Sitting in the winter morning
I can see the day is dawning
Snow on rooftops, red light creeping
While I listen to you sleeping
Now the city traffic?s humming
And I know the end is coming
You will wake and then I?m leaving
I just can?t go on believing
And it?s just so mortifying
Who?s to blame when love is dying?
Feeling so much trepidation
Got to have this conversation
Was it just last spring I found you?
Good to feel my arms around you
We stepped lightly, flowers blooming
Didn?t know just what was looming
Soon the summer?s heat came blazing
Like our passion, so amazing,
Thought the heat would last forever
But your love was like the weather
You could make me laugh so loudly
And we used to walk so proudly
Hand-in-hand it seemed we glided
Was that feeling so one-sided?
Then the fall brought alteration
Frequent miscommunication
Synchronicity was missing
Wasn?t sure who you were kissing
There in your imagination
Feeling rage and degradation
At its limits love was straining
Just the outer form remaining


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