Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Say it ain't so

This song was created for Game of Bands round 60 : "Recycle city"


Say it ain?t so.
(Hozier / Elliot Smith insipred)

She walks out the door, Sees me laughing, some more,
My tears roll down to the floor
Like Puddles and rainbows I walk in the shadows
The life I have wasted is wasted no more

From one day to the next day, I?m floating away
My fears they are falling down from the clouds.
Wishes and hopes dreams are tattered at the seams
But she is still with me, despite being gone.

But say it ain?t so,
I just need to go
To another place where the grass is greener
Say it ain?t true
I?m still losing you
Just say it ain?t so one more time.

A witch screams and haunts dreams, of the child inside me
Another new way that my heart stumbles on
For living, and dying, it?s not worth the crying
But rivers keep flowing along with the tides



So long to the future
So hello the past
Keep me from passing
The last train for home
The last train to nowhere
The first train to somewhere
The last chance of winning
Your love and your heart



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