Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Lonely (Oblivious Oblivion)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 62 : "Loneliness"


Went out into the windy streets
Looking for some tail
Tonight won?t be like other nights
Tonight I will not fail
My chances of succeeding
Are 3 billion to one
But for some reason I can?t place
I never get me some

Oh? I?m? supposed to bring us back
Oh? I?m? Somehow failing at that.

I apply my best can of body spray
I slick back all 10 hairs
Put on the cleanest shirt I can find
Check if that rash is still there

Oh? can?t cinch my pants too tight
Because my nuts get chapped and they cramp my thunder thighs
Tuck tape and baby powder everything that moves
and finally adjust? my floppy old man-boobs

I am using all my charms
Speakin? like a true gentleman
But I get kicked, out of the first bar
For telling a broad I liked her cans

I just can?t win
I was only being nice
They were hangin out
It ain?t my fault I looked twice

Walked into the second bar
Looked for some easy pickins?
Sidled up to a homely hag
And laid it on real thick, and

Long story short, I struck out again
So I called her a whore, and sauntered up to the podium
I grabbed the mic, and I said, flirtily
?I know one of you skanks, wants to ride this D?

Obviously I?m, quite a fuckin? catch
Can they really afford to say no? I?m the last god damn man left.



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