Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Twisted (The Monkey's Paw)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 65 : "Theatrical"


Verse 1

They let the traveler into their abode
An old friend on a dark and stormy road
The hours pass over drinks and stories told
He keeps them listening

He tells them of the dreadful things he saw
Traveling through the heart of India
And from his pocket pulls the monkey?s paw
In firelight glistening

Make your wish upon this cursed hand
It comes true in ways you never planned
Heed my words, destroy it while you can
Be rid of this thing


What?s the cost of your heart?s deepest wish
Come and find out if you dare


Temptation stokes the fire that leaves us restless at our core
Raises us on twisted wings, believing we can soar
Swept up in the siren?s song we never see the shore
To the tune of all we want and more

Verse 2

Then one day when the traveler?s not around
Temptation and the husband?s greed abound
He makes a wish to have two hundred pounds
Won?t that be handy

The next day there?s a knock at half past three
A messenger sent from the factory
With sad news of a fatal injury
Within the family

There?s nothing we could do to save your son
With our apologies please take this sum
Two hundred pounds and our business is done
He says quite grimly



Verse 3

Then one night while overcome with grief
The wife is tired and desperate for relief
?Damn the cost, return my son to me?
On her knees pleading

Night falls and at once the candles quench
Silence and the strangest presence felt
Still a shade of hope beneath the dread
The smallest seedling

Cold, dead fists are banging at the door
Through the window his distorted form
Once their son now clearly something more
Lifeless eyes gleaming

Verse 4

Praying that the moment?s not too late
The husband takes one final chance with fate
He takes paw and wishes to unmake
This one last blunder

The broken door flies open to the cold
There?s no more frightful visage to behold
Just silence on a dark and stormy road
Just rain and thunder

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