Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

At The Bottom

This song was created for Game of Bands round 66 : "Improvised Instruments / Villain / Airy"


Sadly watching the wailing souls
mourn for those in the coal-fueled hole
It torments me giving so much pain
my soft caresses come out as flames

It's hard down here in the depths of hell
I have to do everything myself
The torture leaves me feeling rotten
It's just so lonely at the bottom

The other demons are scared of me
Infernos flare above the scene
of crying hordes with melting flesh
Forsaken tears come out as ash

It's an ordeal in the black abyss
There's no repeal from wretchedness
And so I persecute the fallen
It's melancholy at the bottom

Should I try to change my life
of dark despair, domain of fright
Or do I give up; take it on the chin
Sit on the throne; underworld of sin

Will this End for me?
Damned for all Eternity?
Crying - Terror Screams
Blow it all to smithereens

Neverending psychic misery
I make them suffer bitterly
Perhaps to shut my inner voice
Or to drown out the wailing noise

So I stand here in my sorrow
A forfeit world with no tomorrow
Buried humans in flaming coffins
So disheartened at the bottom


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