Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Road Back (Octahedrite Warder)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 67 : "Heavy Metal"


THE ROAD BACK (Octahedrite Warder)

Verse 1:

Faces frigid, sullen, scared

From the battlements they stare

At brothers left behind and doomed

Who found their peace a day too soon

The bugle trills, the firing quells

They start the long road out of hell

Marching homeward through scorched hills

Soldiers no more, soldiers still


On the road back from death

Death follows you home

Friends? fates unforgotten

Though their graves marked unknown

On the road back from death

Alive but not well

Their innocence lost

And a grim tale to tell

Verse 2:

Years ago they stormed these sands

Young and eager, full of plans

The lucky few now make their way

While comrades in the sand still lay

Burdens lost and burdens gained

No easy way to ease the pain

Free to live their lives once more

?Til once again the bullets soar


Ten years later old men shout and send young men to die

And the cycle starts anew beneath a burning sky

Faces frigid, sullen, scared, mothers left to mourn

A sadder but not wiser world awakes the morrow morn


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