Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

There Is Only One River, Infinitely Long.

This song was created for Game of Bands round 70 : "Ancient Greece and/or Rome"


Thales told the general, how to cross the river
how to reach the other side
Give the men some shovels , and forget about the bridges
and this river, we'll divide.

This river we will divide,
This river, we?ll divide!
This river, we?ll divide.

Things change, or so said Heraclitus
But there's a spark that lives inside us
We can't wash away our names

Kings, sages, poets, farmers, madmen, swimmers
Stick toes in just like beginners,
But the river's not the same

The river's not the same,
The river is not the same.
The river is not the same.

Zeno held a race, across one half the space
Then half the half, and half half that,
Just sign your name, on half this blank
Once you're halfway, to the bank
If half the boats, that sailed have sank, their teeth into the autocrat
And wiped the half-smile, from his face
He'll never get, past second place

Even if the river breaks, the river wouldn't ever
No the river wouldn't ev-
The river wouldn't
No the river would
The river would
The river
The riv-

The river wouldn't break
The river wouldn't break

This river, we'll divide
And keep our powder dry
Though we're all water inside
We keep bursting into flames
Try to wash away our names
The river's not the same
The water always changes

We were going for authenticity here, based on music from the time.

Thales - THAIL-ease (although in Modern Greek, more like "T(h)ALL-ees" )(
Believed everything was fundamentally made of water. Credited with creating "natural philosophy" - the first form of science. Also an engineer, who helped a general get his army across a river by diverting half the flow and creating, in effect, two smaller, more easily forded rivers.
Lived 624 ? 546 BCE

Heraclitus - Hair-uh-CLITE-us (although in Modern Greek, more like "Air-AH-cleet-oos")
( )
Believed everything was fundamentally made of fire, and everything was constantly in a state of flux. Said you could never step in the same river twice (because the water keeps flowing - only the outline remains the same). He was the king of the Ionians (mostly an honorific title in his lifetime - they were ruled by Persia), but handed the crown to his brother to go off and philosophize.
Lived 535 ? 475 BCE

Zeno - ZEE-no
There are two Zenos, which is funny because the older Zeno (of Elea) is known for paradoxes based on dividing things into smaller and smaller parts. The younger Zeno (of Citium) is known for founding the Stoic school of dudes who, like, lived in barrels and did without anything they considered unnecessary. The older, paradoxical Zeno died a METAL death... he was arrested for trying to overthrow "Nearchus the Tyrant". After being tortured, he said he'd tell the tyrant what he wanted to know, but only by whispering it to him. Nearchus leaned in close and Zeno bit him, not unclenching his jaws "until he lost his life and the tyrant lost that part of his body," according to Valerius Maximus. The body part was either the tyrant's ear or his nose, depending on who you believe.
Get the cosmic joke? The philosopher who kept dividing indivisible things dies biting off a dude's ear?
Lived 490 ? 430 BCE (the older) or 335 ? 263 BCE (the younger)


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