Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Cabin Boy's Song

This song was created for Game of Bands round 73 : "Bandit Stories"


The sky was bright with lightning
As we watched that ship go down
Me, a poor young cabin boy,
And a scribbler and a clown
Yes, we watched it from the lifeboat
And the terror filled our eyes
As the thought of our predicament
Started slowly to arise
When the sharks came circling round us
I could feel my heartbeat race
Then the clown took up his banjo
And he sang Amazing Grace

?That hardly seems appropriate?
I gave an angry look
Then I noticed that strange scribbler
Writing something in a book
?This will make a damn good song? he said,
?Like a ballad tale of old?
But I knew from all those shark fins
It would likely not get told
Then I took out my old pack of cards
And I cut that big black ace
While the clown he started up again
With his damned Amazing Grace

We were still there three days later
Each gripped with dreadful thirst
And the sharks were looking ravenous
I was certain we were cursed
The the water in our water jug
Would very soon be gone
But the clown just played that same old tune
And the scribbler scribbled on
So I said, ?Please God forgive me?
As I slyly lowered my face
And I said the only prayer I knew
That?s the one, Amazing Grace

I went over to the scribbler
And I pushed him off the side
Then I looked away in horror
Not to see the way he died
?One down and one to go? I mused
When, what should come to pass
But ?splash? the clown jumped overboard
To save that scribbler?s ass
Which was a very reckless deed
The blame for which I place
On not enough nutrition
And too much Amazing Grace

Well the shark that crunched that scribbler?s bones
Got poisoned and he died
Soon after that he washed ashore
The scribbler still inside
Then from that clue I soon was found
And rescued from the sea
And everyone was glad to find
A hero such as me
So when they ask how I survived
I cut right to the chase
And say, ?My true unbending faith
And a most amazing grace


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