Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Somebody Else

This song was created for Game of Bands round 76 : "New Retro Wave"



The old me had to die / so that my new self could live
was so hard to say goodbye / and my old self will never forgive

I looked at myself in the grave / the old me cried back still alert
only one of us can be saved / So I covered my old self in dirt


Where do I go now from here
To get back my life and my health
How do I face the frontier
and live now as somebody else


I put clothes on from my closet / that I thought I never would wear
Try and look like a composite / of folks to whom I'd never compare

I stare at myself in the mirror / and some other person looks right back
the old me would not have come nearer / to this and instead would attack


Where do I head now from this
To go somewhere big as my new self
I walked away from the abyss
Just to live now as somebody else


So woe for the old voice who blew it
Whom I was forced to bury alive
I had no other choice but to do it
So the new me could somehow survive


What path do I take for this chapter
The old me I say the farewells
An Emmy award winning actor
Forced to live now as somebody else


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