Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

City of Chances

This song was created for Game of Bands round 78 : "Smooth"



Verse 1

He came to this city with naught but ambition
His eyes on the score of all scores
Through courage or foolishness he never questioned
Why no one had tried it before

Well the next thing you know, the rumor starts spreading
That there?s a new cat on the scene
Assembling a team of the best and the brightest
For a heist like this world?s never seen


Cause it?s anything goes
In the city of chances
All a part of the show
Where lady luck dances

Where the roll of a die
Says who lives and who dies
And who walks away the prize

Verse 2

They march on the scene with plan they prepared
And it all goes off without a hitch
Until out of nowhere the sirens start blaring
And it?s evident somebody snitched

Well the next thing you know, the guns start unloading
And in the smoke he gets away
He?s back to the streets now with no score to boast of
But alive to try another day




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