Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 80 : "Mysteries"


She probly thinks
I still love her...

She doesn't know
That I'm blue.

Yeah she doesn't know
I see see through her

She's givin me all
These clues.

Like right there, Right there!
The way she smiles when she twirls her hair!

And now, RIGHT NOW!
Day-dreamin' with a wrinkled brow. 

And see, did you see?
The little sneer when she just saw me?

And who, just who, 
Is good enough for to think we're through?

She thought I'd always 
trust her...

Yeah, she's playin' games,
But she'll lose. 

'Cause down in my bones,
I know she's creepin'

I just gotta find
more clues

Like now, when we're both in bed,
she just lies still, actin' dead

And last week, when she didn't come home,
Tried to tell me that she lost her phone

I;m gonna find out who she sees
when her eyes are lookin' right through me.

Because who does she think she fools
when she whispers 'I love you, too.'

Yeah, I see through the lies
when she says she love me.

She aint playin' me
for no fool. 

Cause I'm gonna solve 
this mystery... (drop low). 

I just gotta find 
more clues.


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