Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

To The Sky

This song was created for Game of Bands round 82 : "Clockwork"


To the Sky

Verse 1

A Trip to the Moon in 1902
He remembers his first motion picture
And the way his heart sang when the telegraphs rang
With the news of Orville and Wilbur

He earned his first stars and still bears the scars
Raining death over the trenches
And the years of hard work with a prayer to Jules Verne
He unveils a brand new invention

Chorus 1

With eyes up to the stars
None dared to reach so far
Clockwork engines fueled by steam
Lift him up to meet his dream

Verse 2

Straight through the air with the wind in his hair
Gears churn in tandem beneath him
No sight of the ground, lost under the clouds
Stars rushing downward to meet him

Something goes wrong as the wind blows too strong
All of his steam power failing
A rush to survive as the craft starts to dive
Iron gears shaking and straining

Chorus 2

With eyes up to the stars
For moments not so far
Only happy that he soared
A little higher than before

Dream of the stars, a few new scars
To the drawing board, and try again once more.


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