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Crazy Cat Lady Christmas

This song was created for Game of Bands round 84 : "Christmas Horrificus"


Crazy Cat Lady Christmas (The old House)


Hey, do you want to hear a tale with no equal?
But be warned knowing it might prove to be fatal
In this town there's a woman and she's just pure evil
What's that? You do!


You see the woman walking around the corner?
From here you can smell her, I think she needs a doctor
To be safe I'll go out of my way just to avoid her
What's that? Who's she?


Yes Gertrude, the cat lady
She lives on her house all alone

You don't wanna make her angry
Or she'll make your soul her own

On Christmas kids will disappear
Rumor has, they're cat food now

Consequences could be severe
Try avoiding her no matter how


However here lies a mystery as you can see
A clever mystery young one, what could it be?
I wish I could tell you but there's no point in asking me
What's that? You wanna know?


Then Later that night without trying to be too noisy
We'll hop over the fence from behind that dark alley
Wanting to find out what's the big secret is actuality
What's that? Surprising!


Whoa! Gertrude, the cat lady
Is not living on her house alone

There are cats and it's so dirty
And the plants have overgrown

We should stay hidden, out of sight
And find out what else could be here

Maybe, just maybe the rumors are a lie
Quiet she's getting near


Is anyone here? Hello!
Hello? Come out please
I just want to know who's there

No need to be afraid dear
Just me and my cats
No need to fear
Unless you're sneaky little rats


Whoa! Gertrude, the cat lady
Almost caught us in the act

We really should go already
What's that? Somehow I got attacked

It's Christmas time and my cats will feast
On the corpse of those who decide to come in here!


They're gonna eat your face and they'll eat your feet
They're gonna bite till you're only bone and no meat
Later tonight I shall might just bury you in concrete
Goodbye boys and goodbye girls



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