Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Socks (Traction for Christmas)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 84 : "Christmas Horrificus"


Verse 1: 
Just socks!
All that he brought me was socks!
That red, jolly fat man, 
that hood-winking bag man, 
just brought me an old pair of socks!
I asked for it all…
I was good since late fall…
but lo, 
and behold ,
just some socks.

This year there will be no milk. 
No plate of frosted cookies. 
No stockings hung on the mantle, 
and no lit and trimmed fucking tree!

This year, I'm done with his shit!
I don't even have me a list! 
When his fat ass rolls down through my 
he'll meet the business end of my fist! 
I'm sending Santa to traction for Christmas.

Spoken Interlude:
This isn't the first time...
for years now... forgetting me. Ignoring me. 
Remember last year? 
My onyx chalice? I put it in bold on my 
Christmas list.
Where was it?
Remember when I was 15?
Those hot topic gift cards I asked for? 
Just to treat myself to a little something. 
I never got those. 
Remember when I wanted that 
Remote control car, the baseball glove,
the Power Ranger action figure... when I was 
such a good kid that year
Why did you forget me...
What the fuck, Santa...

Verse 2:
Fuck Donner and Dancer and Blitzen
It’s time to darken the lights. 
This year I won’t get my hopes up. 
This year I put up a fight.
I’ll never wear red and green fucking paisley,
Everything in my closet is silver and black!
I only ever wear skulls, chains and crossbones
So shove these fucking things back in your sack.

Chorus 2:
No more of my joy for this asshole
From now on, you can call me a Scrooge. 
He’ll have a hard time keeping his weigh up,
While he eats from a fucking tube!
I’m sending Santa. To traction. FOR CHRISTMAS!


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