Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Crack a S(i)mile for Me

This song was created for Game of Bands round 89 : "90s Music"



When we met, I fell head over heels for you
It only took me 2 weeks to stand back up
You were beautiful, smart, and charming
But you also did a lot of drugs
You were always so great to be around
As long as you never opened your mouth
You made my heart flutter for 7 days
Then everything suddenly headed south


You were like a well worn pair of jeans
Loose in the back, and mostly faded
Being with you was like watching french movies
I couldn’t understand and was mostly frustrated
And when you spoke it was like fireworks
Beautiful at first, but after long enough just loud
You were exciting, like riding a luge
But there’s no room for 2, so I got the hell out

Verse 2

I remember the way you looked that day
Hair messed up, and face apathetic
You were snide from the start, and it put me off
Didn’t shut you down, and I regret it.
I just wanted to have one last fun time
But you wanted to be, my sole focus
I walked away, and you threw a fit
That’s when I knew, there was no more us


Ours was a short romance
We never stood a chance

Repeat Chorus



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