Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Who's Afraid of Y2K?

This song was created for Game of Bands round 90 : "Y2K"


Nothing will happen
It's just a new date
So quit all your yapping
Everything will be great
We organized smartly
so we'll all be just fine
So tonight we're gonna party
like it's 1999

I woke up to an explosion
People running through artillery shells
Screaming fire, the tanks were all rolling
through this uncontrollable hell

Then the city lost power
and the cell phones all broke
The screaming got louder
and we were running through smoke
Our bodies were shaking
as we staggered through trash
Windows were breaking
and the cars were all crashed

Stumbling through all the commotion
The lifeless bodies had a hideous smell
The window of humanity's closing
Far away a church was ringing a bell

The way the world was is forever gone
It will never come back
There may not even be a new dawn
And the sky will stay black
Armageddon has really arrived
Say goodbye to the living
No one here will get out alive
And you're not forgiven

And then the ground began to split open
Swallowed people and buildings and trees
An awful sound, there was no use in hoping
Hellacious fire at a thousand degrees
Is this revelation, is this the rapture
For the faithful there was so little time
The final shockwave hit and so it did capture
The looks of horror as we lost humankind



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