Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Ludovico Effect

This song was created for Game of Bands round 92 : "Soundtrack"


"Come and get one in the yarbles...if you have any yarbles.."

Verse 1:

Out for a spell of ultraviolence
A horrorshow life for this violent mind
Knock, knock, knock, here's your surprise
Serenade as the raindrops fall from your eyes


My appy polly loggies now, for what you're about to viddy
but brother I am not a monster, just a product of society
Oh sister, can't you see my strings?
Another clockwork orange coming off of the assembly
"And there I was, your humble narrator, in the Korova Milk Bar for a little milk-plus.."

Verse 2:

Milk from the breast keeps our eyes open,
Smile on my face when the bell starts tolling nine
but when dim wits spit on Ludwig Van,
can't help it when my temper starts to rise


"Singing in the Rain" Interlude
"I'm not going to school today, Mum! I've got a bit of a pain in the ole gulliver.."

Verse 3:

Saying I've done wrong, now don't be silly
I've simply gone off script, you see
And when I'm "fixed up", eyes open wide
Viddy my droogs and victims prove me right!

Final Chorus


Slang words used from A ClockworkOrange:
Yarbles - testicles
ultraviolence - this ones sort of self explanatory
horrorshow - good, great
appy polly loggies - apologies
viddy - to see, to watch
milk-plus - milk mixed with various drugs
Ludwig Van - Beethoven
gulliver - head
droogs - friends

All quotes taken directly or paraphrased from Stanley Kubrik's A Clockwork Orange
Interlude/Bridge lyrics from the song Singing in the Rain of the musical with the same name
Musical melodies partially inspired by Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio in G minor and Singing in the Rain
Credit to Egotyst for idea for and choice of quotes and idea for Singing in the Rain Interlude



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