Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Hip Thing

This song was created for Game of Bands round 93 : "Hip hop / R&B / Trap"


Excursions diversions A body trapped in the ice Deformed from the conforms of what we call life I have to think there might have been better ideas then awakening the sleeping burnt and charred Now the dogs are dead and I'm left with the mess killed by the curiosity of men I'm not spitting flame for the fun of it More like an attempt to send this thing back to hell Does this thing end here do we all sleep tight The paranoia might be difficult to quell Seems Blair's bewitched in the control room Smashing all communications he can find If we can't keep the infection contained Then the earth's in for a surprise I really thought we had the situation on lock down Riding it out to the end When I stumbled outside on a terrible scene A grotesque mockery of a man Burning up in antarctic wastes Wondering how far things have spread Is it you, is it me, it could be anyone right now Try not to let it freak you out Holding all the tension and I might explode if you don't do what I say Seems like Norris couldn't handle the stress now he's falling away Tried to revive him but his stomach is a mouth and he's really lost his head Light the flame again this needs to end everybody sit on the couch Time for blood tests to give a bit of rest to all our racing minds Put the wire to the flame and then we'll see who here's the odd one out This things blood just ain't like ours it's still part of the whole When it feels the heat we'll hear a scream, it's the only way to tell Oh shit it's palmer going wild melting in the cold Not the time for the flame thrower to not produce a spark Before there's time to make a move we've lost windows too Oh well I guess now's the time to bring the inferno Well Blair was one of them biding his time crafting underneath his shack It's about time I brought an end to this thing lets light up the sky Burn everything explode the rest before I stumble out to the snow Here comes Childs not much to do but give him one last drink


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