Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Ballad of Bloody Bailey

This song was created for Game of Bands round 95 : "Mismatch"


Detective Down on County Road

Detective 1:
Hottest summer I'd ever seen was in my Jesus year
I'd been a cop over a decade then
and it'd been a might easier any year before
Midnight mercury still pushing 100
knew then, it'd be a bad one

Sheriff 1:
Summer when I'd met Bailey
I loved her and she loved me
Wild like the rustic creek
Never thought I'd be without her

Her face shone something sweet
Driving round in an ol' white jeep
thought fo' sure we'd always be
Swear I was sure she'd save me

Detective 2:
Every night just as I was bout to sleep, station'd call
hot summer nights, dead, humid air
dead bodies
it was hell on earth

Stiffs in alleys, smiles on their faces
and brutally murdered
a sweet smell hung in the air

Sheriff 2:
My Bailey smelled so sweet
berries of juniper tree
hold me close and then I'd be
somewhere just south of heaven

Watching her as she'd sleep
catch any deer fast as me
crack shot, catfished so deep
swear I'm never gonna let her

Detective 3:
Away from this horror
Men killed in ways that the Devil wouldn't try
brutality that never leaves ya'
All a body could do in those nights was think of her
I could smell her everywhere
Peace in the gruesomeness of it was all

Sheriff 3:
That it would ever be
With her hand touching me
world tryin' to take me
but it can't if I'm beside her

Making me cherry pie
Sure am a lucky guy
and the street makes me cry
But I'm just glad she save me

Detective 4:
it wasn't immediate
At a loss
'til I seen and smelt it

Her perfume
Her red hands

It wasn't
but it's what it's gotta be
love that
and that changed me

Sheriff 4:
Those dead men in the streets
smiling dead at me
e'en tho I love bailey
That girl, I couldn't let her

Chased her white jeep down
All over our foresaken town
old haunts, her laugh resounds
Once was sweet, now I fear her

Couldn't find another way
whole world has gone gray
don't know what to say
brutal woman gonna make me bitter

And on the banks
my glock in my hand
here i make my stand

I can't give her up
I can't let her go
I can't stop not one thing bout this

Coulda a ring on 'er hand
lifts arm, shaking a dither
coulda been my little wife
'stead she preferred the knife
dead men to diamond rings
And she could've bore my son
finger on the trigger
she got me in her sight
I'm ready to shoot her
I thought she'd have been



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