Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Summer Lake Party

This song was created for Game of Bands round 95 : "Mismatch"


This is a
about friendship
our teenage years
and the legacy that they left
about the summers when we grew up
how we learned about life and love
all the things that mattered most to us

Most important of all
we learned how to party

Verse 1:
Summer is the greatest time party with your friends
Eating pizza drinking beer hope these times won't end
Let's light up the barbeque and go chill by the lake
We'll stay up till the sunrise blasting our mixtape
Don't you know that these might be the best years of our lives
Paths we take or choices made we'll always have tonight

Feeling so free
I'm where I need to be
Here with my friends
The party
never ends

When I'm with my friends in the summer time
I feel so alive, so alive
All our friends together for sunset or sunrise
I feel so alive, I feel so alive

Verse 2:
How can I forget that night when we were so free
Growing up brought commitments and responsibility
Promise that we'll meet again but time just rushes by
Weeks turned into months in the blink of an eye
Until a fateful night when we were all back in town
We headed to the lake and sang our song aloud



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