Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 95 : "Mismatch"



that's what we are
The intangible
cuts that leave a scar
Words are spoken
But neither one can hear
My life was champagne
You showered it with beer

I lived the good life
in high society
How did I become the wife
to notoriety
Had a great persona
you turned it all to trash
Bottles of Corona
Spending all my cash

We used to work well together
Because opposites attract
Tied by a hellish tether
That I wish I could retract
Married to an anchor
That pulls me to the deep
Now it's all fights and rancor
Prince Charming - he's a real creep
So Unsuitable
that's what we've become
It's inscrutable
How I could be so dumb
I had rose bouquets
On top of the world
Now it's all pain-filled days
for a shattered girl

Had the world at my fingers
owned a beautiful home
The anguish still lingers
even when I'm not alone
I had such great potential
you turned it all to scrap
You took all that's essential
and replaced it all with crap

We used to work well as a team
Because opposites attract
Now I just want to scream
Because i'm trapped by the fact
Married to a deadweight
That pulls me back to earth
Now i'm resigned to my fate
My Romeo - he's a real jerk
So Abominable
that's what you are
Nothing but trouble
How was I so struck by the stars?
I was queen of the universe
I had it all in my hand
Now I'm living the curse
And it's you I can't stand

I was destined for greatness
I had it all for the taking
And so who is the sadist
Both hearts may be breaking
We had such possibility
all my tears taste like salt
Filled our time with hostility
Maybe it was both of our faults

We used to work well as partners
Because opposites attract
Now all I feel is heartburn
And my foundation is cracked
It's you who I blamed
For everything that's gone wrong
Maybe I should be ashamed
Because I did go along




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