Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Santiago Exit Song

This song was created for Game of Bands round 96 : "Odd Times and No Rhymes III"


I was winning over the little bottles with irrelevancies that we had digressed
If I were to take off my catadioptrical cap, I would beget a young squirrel
He wilts the uniting with an oppressor for the sketchy grayed-out meeting
O restless, you were bleeding so they’d renounce

She analyzes the dwarf planet
They had solicited sharpened date palms of doubting
For the painted neutralities brought together, straight forward
I will appropriate, saving the Kurigram District laboriously for the divine ones

To feel her, may they implement some chances: they will be dignified
The arteries, imaginably, should we be restored, are to be fucked
You will be marked down that I was painted
I was sterilizing the bargain bin

She ran for her life, shielded; I was becoming angry
He despises that we will build up some scenes
Were he to obey, we would lessen the axes
To have chosen for the more tightly bound

They were migrating, that scraped out propagandist
They were whistling a soliloquy of armament
He burns some obstetricians
I localized the cable car

I raise up the innkeeper of Santiago
Should you ambush distortion, you all would nationalize by forehead
And should you stir up the irradiated, you’ll be bitten
I’d hand over the hyena, poindexter



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