Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Anybody Want A Peanut?

This song was created for Game of Bands round 96 : "Odd Times and No Rhymes III"


"Anybody Want a Peanut? / the ABCs of ROUSes"

Rolling over water, crashing through the waves
I was on a journey to find my fortune
Deadly pirate ship attacked from nowhere
No survivors left to tell the tale.


We moved on under dark sails
He said in the morn I'll kill you
Three long years I never knew
If that's the day Dread Roberts kills me
Then one day he told me bluntly
"I'm too old; I'm almost 30"
Gave his hat and called me Captain
Now my name's Dread Pirate Roberts

I've tracked you past shrieking eels
Climbed the cliffs Insanity
Clashing swords Left handed duels
Battled wits with Iocane
Manly fights one on one
Best let sleeping Giants lie
When he wakes his head will hurt
No envy for the pain he'll feel

Buttercup come with me
You need not see behind my mask
Tell me of your farm boy lost
Why not wait for his return?
Wesley, yes, I remember
Brave young lad he didn't cry
Then she pushed and said to me
"You can die for all I care"
....As you wish...

Meet me at the bottom of
This ravine we're not alone
True lovers cannot be stopped
Just delayed from time to time
Humperdinck is on our trail
On horseback, with henchmen too
There's one place we can evade
the fire swamp is just ahead

this is All about the Beasts that Came to make us Dinner
dodged Emerging Flame spurts yeah you know we were okay
they were Growling
they were Haunched
looking like they think we're Juicy
Almost Killed by Lightning sand
they May've munched our mangled middles
Now it's Obvious the flames are preceded by a Pop
If I could Query these large Rodents I'm sure I could make them Stay
Take the path of least resistance Underneath the tree limbs
View the World like buttercup and roberts
feed them a dose of Xanax
Yeah i think they need their ZZZs

Wesley is on the machine
Mostly dead but still alive
Spring him out we need a miracle
The kind only Miracle Max can make
Storm the castle by wits and surprise
With a wheel barrow and fiery holocaust cloak

Settle this
To the death?
To the pain
Ride away
To the end of the story



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