Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Aitopu - Every Martian Free

This song was created for Game of Bands round 97 : "A National Anthem for a Fictional Country"


From the earth we rose
And took to the sky
We built ourselves wings
Until we could fly

We sent our best
From across the world
To plant one flag
Our symbol unfurled

Aitopu! A land to unite
Standing together against the night
Aitopu! A land of our own
Though the galaxy looms, we are not alone
Aitopu! The first of her kind
The greatest human hearts and minds
Aitopu! A home for us all
United we stand, divided we fall

We formed the soil
And made it a home
We shaped the world
To make it our own

Here all are welcome
To treat with respect
Our united nation
We serve and protect


No matter your race
Your culture or creed
We stand together
And will not recede

As one we proclaim
Beneath our blue sun
The Aitopu motto:
United As One

United as one
Zjednoten´y ako jeden
Unis comme un
Forent som én
Umoja kama moja
Unidos como uno


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