Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

O' Magdalenia

This song was created for Game of Bands round 97 : "A National Anthem for a Fictional Country"


[Verse One]
O' Magdalenia, we hold our swords up high,
In honor of the battle for our sovereignty,
From a maleficent dictatorship o'er our country.

We stand proud,
We stand free,
May the blood of our oppressors,
Spill for eternity.

[Verse Two]
The cannonballs they rained upon the armies of our enemy,
Our pastures inundated with the blood of the unclean,
Our bayonets and swords we thrust until we were free,
Ne'er to sheathe until our adversaries we could not see.

We stand proud
We stand free
May the blood of our oppressors
Spill for eternity

With pride we hold our swords ahigh to show our unity,
May the unclean ne'er again impose upon our pure country,
Together we stand in constant watch o'er this beautiful land,
Ensuring we never fall to the impure of blood again.



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