Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Happy Little Clouds With Bob Ross Ft. Iron Maiden

This song was created for Game of Bands round 98 : " "Stolen" Progressions and Riffs"


Happy Little Clouds

Steal references: At bottom


Set sailing across the canvas
In an endless sea of hwhite.
Put your brush to the horizon
And expose a star filled night.
On happy clouds rest sloping hills
near fan brushed evergreens
And a simple cabin by the lake
Holds ripples so serene.

Now take from your pallet
some cadmium yellow.
Just the tips of the brush
creates lighting that’s mellow.
Oh did I say lighting?
Well it looks more like lightning.
It's a happy mistake
from a botched bit of brightening.

Now create your own world
Without tracing or racing
For on this wet canvas there is no erasing
Want trees in a forest? You determine the spacing.
This next part is crazy! Buckle up and start bracing.
‘Cause you’re in my world; I determine the pacing.
(Evil Bob Ross-esque laughter)

Be careful now,
use a delicate touch
When you’re painting with me
there’s no need to rush.
Lightly now,
use the corner of your brush.
Let’s make happy little clouds,
(so light) (so lush)

Painting makes a window
That peers into your soul
Just beat the devil out of it
As you wash your brush whole.
You too can paint almighty pictures
And make a tree your friend.
Give homes to little footy hills
As their contours smoothly blend.


When your illustration’s finally full
Of near and far and sky and land
It will never feel complete
To the inner, creative, pull.
As one last rock or tree
Temps the artist’s hand
Make your decisions discreet
And set your art free.


Take a step back now
As we let this scene dry.
From my home to yours
Goodnight, and goodbye.


For the Game of Bands Round 98: "Stolen"

Musical influences include "DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames" and "Iron Maiden - The Trooper"

Lyrical influences include "The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross"



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