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This song was created for Game of Bands round 98 : " "Stolen" Progressions and Riffs"



Game of Bands Round 98 - Stolen

Music: /u/asiansoundtech
Lyrics: /u/mathgeek007
Vocals: Plogue Alter-Ego Daisy

Non-Daisy Karaoke Version:

=Verse 1=

Descending down from heaven
A beauty from on high
She forfeited her life
So others may not die

She knew of armageddon
Which she alone could hold
Without an angel sacrifice
Earth's future would fold

Shortly past her landing
A curious boy found
A blazen bloody woman
With nobody around

He brings her home to safety
And saves her as his own
Unaware she wanted to
End her life alone

=Chorus 1=

She wakes up, battered bruised
Looks around and seems confused
She wasn't where she was before
Not saving the planet anymore

She meets the boy, saving grace
And looks upon his gleeful face
She fears for what she cannot do
And fears her death is overdue

She looks upon a crooked sky
And knows she is too late to die
She looks upon the boy in pain
And explains why she has to be slain

It may be late to save the earth
But she'll do her best to cause rebirth
She leaves the house after her rest
The boy demands to join her quest


The fire rain and
The human pain and
The crying wives and
The loss of lives and

Buildings burning and
Stomachs turning and
Worldy ruin and

=Verse 2=

Descended down from heaven
A saviour with a goal
She failed to give her life
And humans lost it allzY


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