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Can't Stop Me Now

This song was created for Game of Bands round 98 : " "Stolen" Progressions and Riffs"


"Can't Stop Me Now"
Music: /u/beesareflieswithkniv | Lyrics: /u/ivgreen | Vocals [Angel]: /u/iaMkcK

[Stolen Inspirations]
Drums: Queen - We Will Rock You
Bass: The Weeknd - The Hills
Vocal: DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down For What


Rock ya, flip flop ya,
Unlike the mic, I'll never drop ya,
Face to face, and then a mirror darkly,
Here I come, ya can't stop me,

Today's a good day to drop a beat,
Rolling with my homies right down the street,
High on life, full of mom's spagetti,
Y'all relaxin', but I stay ready,

Turn a corner, stop and listen,
I collaborate, and change the system,
Ay yo Slim, give us a beat,
I may not be Shady, but my flow's so sweet,

I can only bust, a couple of times,
Slaying these motherfuckers with my rhymes,
Y'all just, Y'all just, Can't stop me,
I take Other People's Property,

VPN on my PC,
Blank Blu-rays and DVD's,
Button microphone, I record the concert,
I don't do shit, if it ain't proper,

I'm a scurvy man, Chillin' at the bay,
Torrent that shit, I will not pay,
I got your jokes, I got your rhymes,
Even your girl, will soon be mine,

Like Vanilla Ice and Chrissy C,
I take a culture, to benefit me,
Rip off your shit, and I make it mines,
Doubling nickles straight into dimes,

I rip and I rhyme, I rip and I rhyme,
A theiving MC to blow your mind,
I rhyme and I rip, I rhyme and I rip,
Man even Dylon was not this sick,

Queen ain't shit, I'm not Vanilla,
I take their stuff, 'Cuz I'm so Thrilla,
Ya just, ya just, can't stop me,
You don't want me, but you got me,

You don't, you don't want me
But, but motherfucker you got me,
Haha, You just, you just can't stop me,
You don't want me, motherfucker you got me,

You got 99 problems, I only got 2,
All this cash, and handling you,
Cash may rule all around me,
But motherfucker I'm a hornet, you jus' a little bumble bee,

Hey there Shawty, it's your birthday,
It's gettin' hot in here, and I'm so thirsty,
What I want, it ain't mine,
But I don't give a fuck, I will rob you blind.



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