Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

99 Battle Rounds

This song was created for Game of Bands round 99 : "Parodies"


Asked reddit to write a song
becomes a sub to top the pops
Now 99 song Battle Rounds
on Game of Bands where we break ground

Twenty-twelve ask reddit post
to crowd source a hit pop song
for 99 song battle rounds
picked up the gauntlet he threw down

99 song battle rounds
within r slash game of bands
take two weeks and write a song
post it up and start again

Redditor to write the words
another makes the melody
here's one more to sing the theme
for 99 song battle rounds

99 attempts to win
fighting with verse chorus verse
debates on chord progession
who wants to use auto tune

Give our all for the single
finished and put on soundcloud
All our hopes go to the votes
for 99 song battle rounds

98 rounds came and went
themes they change as we go round
frequently there are no rhymes
to match up with some odd times

Tributes to other bandits
pop cliches or some sci fi
we had no theme to start the first
of 99 song battle rounds

there've been 99 song battle rounds
99 song battle rounds

99 different tracks won
lyrics, vocals, music too
those in need have found the angels
like jinjeet come to rescue

chatting on a discord server
votes go on the reddit post
Noun Project Icon is the prize
so are all you girls and guys



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