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Time And Time Again

This song was created for Game of Bands round 100 : "Supergroups - Old vs. New"


Music: /u/ElTonerino & /u/Jinjeet
Lyrics: /u/NotThtPatrickStewart & /u/specocean
Vocals: /u/DeadPlatypus

Time and Time Again

[Intro (spoken)]
The same question repeated now...
It was never the first, nor the last.
Who among us forged the tools of creation?
Filaments of imagination swept the night sky for answers.
The stars burnt like signals - an endless message from edge to edge...
but the story lies in the spaces between.

[Verse 1-2]
Long ago in time forgotten
A bet was made, a die was cast
Between a soldier, freshly fallen
And he who claimed his breath, his last

Upon a slate as blank as nothing
Both would work what art they could
Without a plan or path to follow
Unspoken rules still understood

[combined verse 3 and chorus 1] - switch between vocalists for each line
And as their minds were forced together
-Born in the house of the mother and father,
Both light and sound exploded out
-into the arms of the ever after.
And for the first but not the last time
-Woven through universes, our existence.
A universe Nothing spat out
-Waves, light and matter - again and again

[Verse 4]
For countless ages they attempted
To fill the canvas which they’d made
But even in their endless power
What they’d built made them afraid

[combined verse 5 and chorus 2]
And when the planets started living
-Born in the name of the mother and father
Then they knew they’d gone too far
-into the flames of forever and after.
And in their own ways sought destruction
-Unstitch the universe for qualified existence
One through famine, one through war
-waves of hatred consume us, start again

[Ineterlude (spoken)]
Battle scars stuck out like maps drawn on the faces of fallen soldiers,
each one pointing to a single destination; our last breath.
An ever clearer view of what we never wanted to be true.
These were the only answers we ever really knew.
Something had to change

[Verse 6-7]
But the worlds which they’d imagined
Had turned against them stubbornly
The countless hordes which they’d created
Made it impossible to flee

And two had lost where two had gambled
Brought to their knees by blood and bone
Once sat atop their thrones of glory
Now into darkness they are sewn

[Chorus 3-4]
Born of this time, but of some other place.
An original question - better clear the slate.
Cast a new die - something we can create.
The search for answers we can simulate.

It's a bit of a gamble on a yes-or-no test.
A walk of the plank, this is anyone's guess.
Just one last check. All conditions are set.
What will we find in here? Let's make a bet.

[Outro (spoken)]
Looking out into reality, there lurked something so primal yet so final. It always will, and it dares us to seek it out.
Looking in, however, justifies us, but in ways we will never fully appreciate.
The heaviest burdens are shifted ever onward.
We are the burning stars.
We are noise in an endless message.
Our story lies in the spaces within.


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