Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Outside 101

This song was created for Game of Bands round 101 : "101 Courses"


It seems my eyes are getting blurry
I guess it’s time to take a break
Cause I just can’t clear this stomach ache
This feeling that my heart can’t shake
And looking at the mirror on the wall

I can tell that time has passed
By the gut I have amassed
And by the lines upon my face

I need to learn to get off reddit
It’s time for outside 101

Oh the cause of all my problems
Also seems to hold the key
So I clear my head and breath in deep
And fire up Reddit slash LPT
Hoping that their help can set me free

I post a desperate post
“help me when I need it most”
But all that I get back’s a bunch of jokes

I need to learn to get off reddit
Take me back to outside 101

Moderators toast my post and warn me with a ban
"Noob, you can't post questions here,
What else don't you understand?"

But one lurker heard my words before they hit the bench
Private message from a friend,
"Surfing turd likes to get bent"

I can guide you, we can find you reasons to go on
I know Reddit can be fun
But you must know when it's done

Uninstall the apps and make your homepage something else
It's so refreshing
To stop refreshing
Just stop refreshing
Please stop refreshing
And go enjoy the sun, go outside 101


Hey surfing terd, I'm afraid that's absurd, I can't just walk away
I'd do it if I could
But my self worth is no good

He says, "Bro, iunno, i-m-h, fuckin' o, it's outside 101
So unless you weigh a ton
Shut it off and then you're done

Walk, take a cab, find a park, take a nap, it's easy if you try
Shut it off and go outside
Check out what the world provides

Hey, meet a girl, get some lunch, feed a squirrel, before you know it, guy
You've got a girlfriend
A living girlfriend
A real girlfriend
An actual girl
Who you met because you're Outside 101

But it’s been too long for me
I can’t function way out there
Real live people are so scary
And I’m merely ordinary
Here I’m safer sitting in my underwear

R slash funny, pics, and beer
And r slash aww and blunderyears
Everything I need, I’ve got right here

Well I failed to get off reddit
I’m reinstalling reddit; it’s fun
I’m not telling anyone that
I failed to go outside 101

So I guess I'm just stuck here for the rest of my life


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