Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Sixty Second Sammy Smith

This song was created for Game of Bands round 102 : "Under 1 minute in length"


Sweet to see you, I'm the suave sir, Sixty Second Sammy Smith
I've pleasured plenty playful people, I love when ladies' loins are lit
Not shy, no shame, no shirt or shoes, I'll show you that my shag's the shit
Letting limitless labia lower libidos, loving on linen, my lust is legit

Set your sights on sexy,
Tantalizing talk, I'll take your tighter to the taunting top
Please prepare for a plenty
pleasure til I stop

Riveting revolutions, raising raucous, rear-reacting
Ogled, obeyed, ordered, owing; offending, obstructed, Overacting?
Was my prowess all a ruse, have I been lied upon?
by Daisy, Dani, Dallas, Dana, Deborah, Demi, Dora, Dawn?

Maybe a minute was modestly mini, but many have said it was mighty
I can't help but eye individuals, thinking I've imprinted something enlightening

Yawns and yeahs all under-yearned, no yoo-hoos ever earned
Looking like a loser, I look back at all that I have learned.

All of this alliteration
doesn't seem to certify as super sexy stimulation
Next time I'll be sure to
last much longe- ... Fuck, I came.



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