Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Minute Rice

This song was created for Game of Bands round 102 : "Under 1 minute in length"


My baby, she treats me like instant rice.
My blood boils for a minute then she's outta my life,
but I'm more than just a gimmick, why can't she see?
I'm almost at my limit, and I could be
more than a convenient source of carbohydrates.

My baby, I shouldn't have to tell her twice.
I could be so much better if she cooked me right,
and if she'd let me bring her to restaurants,
then I'd love to get her whatever she wants.
Why can't my baby see what she's got on her plate?

Well I could be her
peppermint candy cane, her sparkling champagne,
but all she sees is
plain-white rice grains, it's always the same.

My baby, she treats me like minute rice.
She never gives me any of her sugar or spice.
I shouldn't let her treat me the way she does.
I can't let her love me that way because
I need more than a minute until I fully hydrate.
Oh, I gotta tell her, yeah, I gotta set the record straight,
cause I'm more than a convenient source of carbohydrates.



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