Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Bees experiments with alcohol and the adventures that followed

This song was created for Game of Bands round 103 : "Under the Influence"


/verse 1/
Called my ex, told her that I fucked her little sister
but I am a nice guy so I lied
Called my boss, "Yo! I am done with presentations,
and your wife is a saggy cup double D 5"

// Chorus //
I am gonna get
so fucked up today
[tonight is gonna be the
Night I lose my shit again, alright] x 3

/verse 2/
And I wiped my ass with Monalisa
Made a grafitti about the fight club in the pizza
store's basement, pavement kissed my face yo!
Harambe was like a bro!

// Chorus //

/verse 3/
Found a girl in the bar, we end up in the toilet
Butt stuff at its best
The big dong made the whole act glorious
Her dick didn’t help my Ass

// Chorus //

/verse 4/
And I saw a man standing at the edge of a bridge
He wanted to jump, he said " I am sick"
I told him to stop, pulled out my selfie stick,tweet
and he still jumped screaming, what a dick



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