Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Fuzz

This song was created for Game of Bands round 103 : "Under the Influence"


(0:00) What a night!

(0:05) Yeah... who is it? [weak, drunk]

(0:08) Hello?

(0:11) Sirens? Oh shit... what did I do?

(0:15) Oh god, hide everything!

Fuck, the fuzz!
I can't think straight with a morning buzz
Gotta fake that everything's ok, get my ducks in a row, but I don't know what happened yesterday

I'm confused, ducks around my head
What's the last I recall 'fore I went to bed?
Party of a lifetime, we drank 'til we fell, had a guy knocked out, thought he was maybe dead

I remember an alarm I set last night
Still ringing, though I know I turned it off - right?
I know there's a reason that it's ringing still, but I'm still rather tipsy, not feeling quite bright

God, that beep'll drive me crazy!
Head hurts, my vision's still hazy
I'll get up now to turn it off, but ugh, fuck that, drunk me is lazy

Wait, no, that sound's familiar
That's not the clock I set earlier
Now I smell smoke and I see the danger, that alarm rings out for a fucking fire!

Slowly sinking
Fuzzy thinking
Vision blinking

Blurry vision
Head is spinnin'

The cops - woah
Can barely focus now

I have no control
Shit, I'll fight, grab a knife
I won't go down like this
Final toast (clink clink clink)

Hello, who's there?
I'm not alone?
Hello, who's there?
I'm not alone?

Becky? Hello?
(Aw, yes)
I can't have her see this
I hear the cops are calling backup
I know I'm in such deep shit
I throw away the knife, gotta hide
There's no way I can get through this
Into a thinking state
Keep myself away and isolate
Think about the plan to escape
This cannot be my final fate - but wait
The gusts of wind from a window near
Gives a path of of retreat, no more fear
I call becky over here
We leap the window, ass in gear
It's cold as fuck, with mild hail
It's better than being fucked in jail
But... [speaking] holy shit, it's actually really cold.
We're not wearing much, it's like mid-october, it's like 10 degrees. Maybe this choice was rather poor.

intermittent cursing and drunken rambling and shivering
(2:21) (much slower)
Nearby I can see Becky's new abode
We go inside to escape the bitter cold
Her dogs bark out, she makes them hold
I turn left inside, walk down the hall

I pee a liter, don't know how
I've held in that much piss til now
Bex comes inside as I pull up trow
Offers a drink - fuck it... why not?
(2:42) [speaking]
I'll ust have one... or two... or three...
Wait, where was I? Right, Becky's. God, I'm feeling sick...
I probably drank too much...
Wait, no... no... don't... pass... ou-..




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