Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 104 : "Halloween"


Alright now, hold up, wait a second don’t be scared
Give me just a minute of your time and let me share
How I came to be this way
Like my body’s made of cellophane
Yeah, you’re looking through me,
This is real, you haven’t gone insane


I’m coming at yah ethereal, skipped my breakfast cereal,
Never took my calcium and completely immaterial
stand there frozen in fear, as I make it all clear
Yeah before I disappear, I got a story you should hear

Of a ghost
A soul without a host
Looking for what I lost
Get it back at any cost

Cause I’m a ghost
A soul without a host
Looking for what I lost
Get it back at any cost
Don’t fuck with a ghost

Halloween riding home
With some friends before dawn
Empty house on a hill
From the car we all spill
Crowbar to break the gate
Make our way to the estate
No lights on in the home
Owners must be dead or gone
Crack the door to the house
All my friends start bailing out
Sorry man we’re going home
Decided I would go alone
Felt a chill run down my spine
But I thought I’d be just fine
Only one thing on my mind
All the treasure that I’d find

In the mansion
The dead won’t miss the shit that they’d abandoned
And I won’t leave this house empty handed
Just enough to buy the things that I wanted
There was no chance in hell this place was haunted

But I saw a ghost
A soul without a host
Looking for what he lost
Get it back at any cost

A simple kind of vision
The stars align for wishes
Take my time on a mission
And I don't mind if you listen

A Midas touch without riches
You're signing off as a spirit
Tried to run to the kitchen
But I've been one to witness

There he was surrounded
By everything I coveted
In his icy glare
I was completely buffeted
As I stood petrified
felt my body occupied
By a foreign presence
I felt my soul glide right
out of my body
And as I told you this story
I had an idea
But you don't have to worry
Oh this won't hurt
Not one little bit
You see you and me
I'm sure that we will both fit



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