Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Daylight Strafes

This song was created for Game of Bands round 104 : "Halloween"


The darkness is here to stay for now.
Run as far as your legs will allow.
You will see the dead come out and play.
The apocalypse happens today.

I traveled into the city,
I had to go to work today.
I didn’t think I’d see,
The walking dead on the way.

It was somewhere on 13th,
It was there that I got the hint.
Zombies, running everywhere,
And then towards me did they sprint.

I lost them in an alley,
I would have thought I was safe.
But just an hour later,
I was doing the daylight strafes.


I ran into a building,
Boarded up the doors,
I peered up at the ceiling.
It fragmented even more.

I thought of my end,
With no obvious escape.
And then I saw them
It was a friendly face

But my joy didn’t last long
Cause in the next moment,
His face was ripped apart
In a flurry of swipes.

They broke down the door
Coming at me from all sides
They tore my body apart
Feasting on my insides.



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