Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Vs Team 7

This song was created for Game of Bands round 105 : "Epic Rap Battles"



mirror mirror on the wall
reach out with my fist and fall
sit down, nice to meet ya.
Team eight's all here,
and we've been told by a seer that our rap's gonna beat ya.
So let's start with /u/r00sevelt, ready?
Can't decide if you're Frank or Teddy.
palms must be sweating i'm betting
synthetic rhymes give me sepsis i think they belong in the septic
we can say that your verse will not play,
how many terms will it take to get ready?
One got shot in a speech and he still kept talkin',
World War Two. Force in the balkans
I wrote the rules and I ref' em;
(call me George S. Patton.)
I'm from a long line of masters; I have a brutal battalion.
Organize and compose them like Johann Sebastian.
But you're no great thinker and you're no Bull Moose
Only Blitz you'll fight is the one that you'll lose.
put an end to your crew, let you borrow my noose
are you still not aware that you don't have a prayer, skill isn't there,
retire or lose
I was up to the occasion slain but I saved Django's enslavement
the B-Movie > A-list now I'm at the apex!
But hey, I can get with Sloanluxe's sloppiness.
Pardon the tardiness poet just got back, busy flossing your documents
locked stock to the desi And even your vet could not best me
Not the best of musicians, now is he?
But his main claim to fame was his first in the Game,
and the mods are ashamed there's a win to his name!
If he's done this before should be childs play,
this is dangerous cheesy,
I'll say.
Hear the growl on a beat and my feet hit the street
zero to 60;
flee when my tracks on repeat
chucky chester cheetah get it?


I'll bet you they're gonna pronounce my fucking username wrong.
There are steps you can take to relieve anal discomfort quickly:
* Apply a cream or ointment that creates a protective barrier.
* Soothe with a numbing agent.
* Apply an ice pack.
* Take a pain reliever.
* And don't try to beat us in a rap battle.
Dude you have spits bars a plenty
But now I am taking the henny
On top of my throne you'll know i be venting
I'll start on my own man you better be ready
Ill check my agenda
I will not pretend to
Rap about some shit that doesn't mean to offend ya
Yeah I got issues I got problems like I'm mensa
But let me tell ya
You're the one whose fucking head is way off center
Your beat made me dizzy
I wished that your mixing was right up there with me
But since I had heard it
Im trying to really
Get through the first verse
Without saying "kill me"
And Sloan
I'm trying to figure out slowly
Since your voice sucks
Would you blow me
The lyrics you're singing
Are horrible, terrible
Who wrote em
I won't ever have to cross paths with that
Well That's cuz he went AWOL
So sore from that anal
Saw the doctor but it wasn't enough
Had to take the chains off
I will not stop till I wanna
You're heating up like a sauna
Time to get out yeah you gotta
Scarred so bad, Harry Potter
I can keep going for a while
Throwing diss tracks for a mile
Restraining orders been filed
Cuz your team can't take this fire
So yeah I can call my own lines a burn.
Knock you all down with blunt of my verse
You can keep sayin but you're never first
Your butt hurts much worse when my rhymes unearth.



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