Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Ninjas vs. Pirates

This song was created for Game of Bands round 105 : "Epic Rap Battles"


Pirates are stupid and drunk
They smell like a putrid skunk
They're clumsy and loud
and shouldnt be proud
People puked from how much they stunk

Ninjas are clever and keen
Their ninjutsu spotless and clean
So evilly silent
and lethally violent
They kill without ever being seen

(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
Quiet dressed in black
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
You get sloppy then we attack
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
The point is moot
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
Slit your throat and then steal the loot

Pirates have an unwashed stench
Ninjas were seeking revenge
For a long ago sin
When did it begin?
The crime that had to be avenged

A ninja's sister was taken away
A Buccaneer's forsaken foray
To taste forbidden fruit
At a base of hidden loot
Until the Ninjas could break necks and repay

(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
Silent dealing death
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
Pirates can't even hear their breath
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
It's over soon, the fight
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
Silent in the cover of the night

Those drunks with cutlasses are losing all today
to ninjas with katanas who'll be making fillets
Pirate muskets never shoot, shuriken take down the brutes
And the buccaneers bodies are piling up to decay

Legendary ninja powers are known far and wide
We make the ghost ships full of pirates who died
We're trained for silent kill, we're stealth invisible,
Even fly through air on kites to give you ninja homicide

(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
Creeping hidden doom
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
Sending pirates stealthily into their tombs
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
Pirates don't stand a chance
(Ninjas vs. Pirates)
against the shadowy ninjas' lethal dance



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