Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Epic Rap Battle vs Team 10

This song was created for Game of Bands round 105 : "Epic Rap Battles"


aplos ya fucking genius
getting banned off the reddit bout trump
did you have a cock as your picture
to show it's boys that you hump?
maybe it's fried chicken you prefer
and ya like some colonel sanders
well that page ain't about ronald
who gave you colon cancer
you don't need an alarm to wake up at all, well no shit
your meaningless life pro tips are pretty fucking cringe
like your post that was removed off slash r slash breaking bad
your post is unrelated, just like you even though you're a dad
you pretend to play guitar, well obviously you have no skill
maybe yo wife be cheating on you, like your homeboy, bill (clinton)
hey look, it's hillary clinton, she's losin the election
well goodbye to you, your lyrics, and the clinton foundation

hairynakedman! just shave your privates off
they're so damn small, microscopes won't help see em bruv
maybe that girl who you date didn't really sleepwalk
she probably ran away from your fucking small cock
hobo rape? what are you, a trump advocate?
is it muslims and mexicans that you hate?
maybe you wouldn't do too well with yourself here on trump's dick
while ya mate aplos' on that old hag clinton's clits
4 years on reddit? do you even have a life?
what are you going to do? ask a website to be your damn wife?
imagine all that time you could use to do something productive
like getting all your shit out with laxatives
you say gibsons are shit, well your music isn't any better
i'd rather listen to bathroom noises and bonsai-cutting sounds
add the autotune, maybe it won't sound as crappier
that's how to say goodbye to your music you hairy ass creep

jax, my man, actually no, my bitch
trying to rig GOB? that ain’t the spirit
“i’m cheap as chips” but more worthless than shit
you can’t produce songs you signed up for, you itch
you try to roast other people, well roast yourself first
maybe you’d look better with your whole face that’s burst
your roasts are terrible anyway, it ain’t getting any love
you could, y’know, buy and make some with yo mama
all these pretentious words and annoying alliterations
can’t get past america, and the united kingdoms
maybe tone down the language for your other two teammates
they think it’s not “americanese” being from dumbfuck united states
"putang inamo" do you know what it means?
oh maybe your mama is a whore, as it seems
your vocals ain’t getting you money like she did,
why not just quit your vocals and move along with it

we’re team 9 and now we’re gonna opine,
about team 10 on the poverty line,
their lyrics are weak like piece of toilet tissue,
their beats are tired like a 90s reissue,
when they see us coming they’re like “oh no”,
those double - hard bastards gonna wreck our flow



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