Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Y'all Dumb

This song was created for Game of Bands round 105 : "Epic Rap Battles"


Yo GOB. No ones safe. Team 10 here to throw down standing on the grave of Team 9. Aplos 9, HairyNakedMan... and of course J-blonk.
Let's Roll.

I'm gone rob you like Kardashian,
smash your face like a verbal assassin,
beat you down with a passion
Stop you dead in your tracks and do it in fashion

Errywhere I look all I see is dumb bitches
About time someone stepped up and put you in stitches
Horrible music gives me a migraine
Thankfully for you I have some mad game.

With bars from fucking Iowa, I'm smelling some bull,
And y'all a bitch who barks are trash and bites be bumming my tool,
he could drink to forget his Texan place in Drake his Uni,
Buddy's barely 21 right after we blast him back and gloomy

Math meistro got vocals like tiny tim
Shrill to the ears, need a bucket to puke in
Stop talking rots, and stop it quick
It's not toad stool's big head, it's you that looks like the dick

Math-thematics out the way, let's grasp the back of the book,
Redress the beats that ya made and make index get shook,
Learned guitar to dip his stick, but crank economics fetishes,
Yo I guess you a business major, wannbe player, finger pick

Some synthesizers, fiddler who's fucking a few,
Leave ya Dahon, ride your cycling through Yorkie and cruse,
I'm due to stew your vocal trick and rip this vocalist newb,
Freak up from Singapore a dude too young to run a crew.

Index one you dumb biking virgin bitch
Someone should beat your ass and leave you dying in a ditch
You ain't worth nothing, and your music is weak
Shut your bitch ass up, don't even speak

Heartache brigade you a punk ass too
I'll make you my bitch and shit in your shoe
The things you be cooking is some sad ass shit
Not even scared of the lyrics you come up with

Now don't you misconstrue some messages as somethin' that rude,
But don't expect me dissing this in maderin, my fucking buckaroo
Heartache brigade, ya feeling blue? Ya balls be aching hitherto?
I'm doubting it, so come round when you hit the age to be.

It's not just the no shows that are full of crock
Most of GOB smell like doo doo rock
Lots of dummies all up in here
Let me give you a list, shout in your ear

Freaks and geeks I'm trying to get from
And now here a short list of who's dumb
Space ocean you dumb,
Zuthulu you dumb,
Dundent you dumb,
Ms. Spectre you dumb,
Scott Pontiac you dumb,
Dead Platypus you super dumb
Triumph you dumb...Bees, NTPS, POPS, Ziggy and the rest

Yo, ya'll dumb like your dead grand daddy.. Like, dude, what, you expecting my feelings to get hurt? I'll frickin' kick your baby. Make a DMX take down look weak. Team 10, the rest... we out.



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