Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 105 : "Epic Rap Battles"



Make way for team XIX
Coming at you from all sides with the direct effect
If the music’s got you moving then throw up your hands
‘Cause you win or you die in this game of bands

Verse 1

We got the dolla bill platypus poised to attack
Spitting quips so wit-packed they’ll give your brain whiplash
A quick slash with that silver tongue while you spit trash
A voice to bring you all to your knees ‘cause the king’s back

Now meet our wordsmith, forging word into myth
Fully equipped to settle any battle of wits
Hypnotoad spinning pure gold when the muse hits
It’s like a fuse lit when the words meet music

Speaking of music, here’s our man with the beat
No small feat how this maestro orchestrates your defeat
Wafd’s smooth groove’ll keep you glued to the edge of your seat
His tunes’ll be in your head on repeat for weeks


Verse 2

5th element your beats got me snorin’
So boring you actually named yourself boron
We’re bringing a real beat to make your knees tremble
‘Cause XIX brings death to false metal

Magikker when did the magic die?
Gotta catch up man, it’s a point of pride
Used to be the top wordsmith to look after
Now count the wins, the disciple has become the master

H2, why don’t you explain like I’m five
How you think you got half a fool’s hope to survive
Aren’t your arms too tired to lift that banhammer
Got three words for you, sic semper tyrannis




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